About me

I’m a Swedish expat living in Los Angeles who spends my free time hiking and cooking. For longer breaks, I go to Stockholm, its archipelago, and my hometown Karlstad. I used to have many hobbies (volunteer work as an instructor in mathematics, member of marching bands and a symphonic orchestra, playwright), but during PhD life, I focus on staying in touch with friends and nature, exercising, trekking, and occasionally playing the trombone.

My Swedish lastname turns out to be difficult to pronounce, so here’s a guide to an English approximation.

Intermediate level: Split it up into Boy-ɛ-reed, where ɛ is as in “sell”.

Advanced level: Split up by Bɜ-yɛ-reed, where Bɜ is as in “bird”

Jesper is pronounced Yes-per, but I don’t mind Jesper at all.